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VDS Methodologies

Conceptualization of VDS is done by adopting strategically planned methodologies which are strictly designed by researchers and academicians with due diligence to quality deliverables at the end of each session of VDS

1 - Conduct of Session:

Academic Sessions are based on various themes which reflect the important issues facing India/World currently. The sessions are initiated by the Vice Chancellors. Four student leaders express their views on the given topic  before any other speaker so that they are not influenced, pressurized or burdened by the views of the other speakers. The Speakers of state assemblies speak next for 10 minutes. Adarsh Yuva Vidhayak Puraskar (Ideal Young MLA Awards) are given away to two young MLAs. This is followed by speeches by Eminent Speakers who speak for 20 minutes each, followed by Q & A session. The Resolutions are put to voting towards the end of the session. This is the general methodology followed for all 8 sessions, while allowing for last minute alterations as per the demands of the situation.

2 - Student Speakers:

A fair selection methodology is adopted while selecting the students who speak as representatives of the students during each session. A selection panel is formed comprising of faculty and other experts, who review the VCDs/DVDs received from those registered students who wish to speak on the given topic. The criteria adopted for selection is relevance of topic, content of speech, body language, confidence level etc. Based on this, the shortlisted students have to perform before the selection panel before the start of the Conclave.  4 students who excel in the above mentioned criteria are finally selected to speak during each session.

Lets Work Together

Be a part of VDS Students’ Council as The District Coordinators and the State-UT Coordinators as elected members.