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Swami Vivekananda Awards

Vishwa Dharm Samvad is a creative initiative to put forward and promote our mutual harmony, thoughts and beliefs and compassion within humanity to maintain peace and love in the world. We all know about the great contributions made by Swami Vivekanand Ji towards the development of peace and harmony on the planet by the way of religious prosperity and cooperation.

Thus, every year, Swami Vivekananda Awards will be conferred in 3 categories on the occasion of Vishwa Dharm Samvad:

  • Environment
  • Peace
  • Social Service

It is our duty to honour and respect those brave hearts who have inspired millions by their work, those who have been serving the needy and those who have set an example by their contribution towards environmental conservation.

Post online application/entry process, the prestigious Swami Vivekananda Awards will be approved by a 5-member committee of distinguished and enlightened individuals that will not only glorify the awardees but also inspire the younger generation.

The rules/ guidelines for the awards are as follows :

  1.  Swami Vivekananda Awards are international awards that are conferred annually.
  2. These awards are accorded to only 3 distinguished personalities who are categorized as follows:


A. One must have done astounding work towards environmental protection.

B. In the field of water conservation, tree planting, river conservation and public awareness programmes.

C. Inspiring contribution towards reducing air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and other.

D. Initiatives to reduce plastic usage.


A. Contribution towards spiritual awakening, spreading message of peace and harmony

B. Promoting unity, brotherhood and religious harmony

C. Stimulating social harmony and peace and value-oriented lifestyle

Social Service

A. Contributed towards the development of humanity.

B. Provided economic, legislative and other resources for the betterment of the elderly, children, women and differently abled.

C. Helped the needy during the pandemic and other times of requirement.

D. Worked towards the upliftment of socially, economically and educationally backward communities.

3. A 5-member committee will be constituted every year, consisting of 1 Chairperson, 1 Secretary and 3 members. Final decision will be in the hands of the chairperson.

4. If any 3 members of the committee recommend 1 recipient, than the Chairperson has to abide by their decision.

5. If there arises a tie situation, then the decision of the Chairperson would be final.

6. Entries/Applications for the same will be accepted online only.(before 30.12.2021).

7. Recommendations can be made as per the following order of preferences.

A. Governor.

B. Union Minister/Minister of State.

C. Member of Parliament.

D. Vice Chancellor of any Government/ Private University.

E. Journalist (National).

F. Member of Legislative Assembly/ Zila Parishad President.

G. Religious Trust/ Institution.

H. Cleric/ Spiritual leader of any religion.

I. Self.

8. Swami Vivekananda Awards can be conferred upon an individual, institution, trust, government/ governmental department and educational institute.

9. One must bear the travelling/ conveyance cost himself/ herself. However, for 1 night, the committee will provide stay and other facilities for one person.

10. A five minute introductory video of all 3 Swami Vivekananda Awards winners will be produced and showcased by the committee.

11. All three award winners will be given 2 minutes each for their acceptance speech.

12. All three award winners will receive a trophy, a stole and a citation.

13. Also, monetary rewards will be proposed for future events.

Any disputes, if arise, will be resolved internally and the decision of the committee will be final.

Vivekanand Awardies - 2023

Bhartiyam NGO – Environmentalist

Bhavika Maheshwari – Peace

Gargi Lakhanpal – Social Service

If you want to recommend someone for this Swami Vivekananda Awards then, click on the link below and fill the all details given in the form.