Platform for religious representation



Pramod Kumar

Seed Thought

It is our optimistic view that in the forthcoming years “VISHWA DHARM SAMVAD ” will benefit as an optimum platform for religious representation in the world. Hence, this dialogue is being organized under the guidance of religious leaders, clergymen, and great saints from India as well as from around the world.The event is dedicated to delivering a message of peace and harmony in our society, where people follow the path of unity and kindness.

With the support of our administrative authorities, enthusiasm from the youth, and an environment of safety and security for all, we are ambitious to hold this dialogue every year in our motherland INDIA, which will help enlighten the world about the importance of religion. Representatives of all faiths are expected to be present at this event, thereby uplifting the bonds of brotherhood. Just as the movement and flow of anything incorporate purity and progress, we will also include required moderation in the dialogue every year.
India, a land full of knowledge, humility, creative abilities, and varied culture, will always contribute to making this world a better place to live. Therefore, we, as a part of India, are determined to devote ourselves to this universal cause of binding the followers of all the sects by the means of “VISHWA DHARMA SAMVAD”.